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Birds beaks are shaped in a way to help them obtain food. ______________________________ 5. When the boy arrived at school, his backpacks zipper was stuck and he couldn’t get it open. ______________________________ 6. The two families children play together at the park almost every day. ______________________________ 7. The dogs crate was large enough to fit two dogs inside of it. ______________________________ 8. The skies color was a beautiful soft orange. ______________________________ 9. When will we go see the zoos new exhibit that was advertised on television?

Lee ________________________________________ over 25 books by next year. (write) 8. The twenty-­‐year-­‐old boy ________________________________________ in two marathons. (ran) 9. Her mom ________________________________________ over 12 dozen cookies by tomorrow. (bake) 56 Verb Tenses Writing Future Perfect Tense Remember, the future perfect tense verb shows an action that will occur and finish in the future at a certain time. What is a goal you plan to accomplish within the year? Write a paragraph about a goal you will have accomplished within the year and how you plan to accomplish it.

9. A (solid’s/solids’) particles are very close together. 10. (Chromatography’s/chromatographys’) purpose is to separate a mixture. Writing Write one or two sentences about something that belongs to someone you know. Be sure to use a possessive noun to show ownership. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 38 Possessive Nouns Independent Practice Part 2 Add an apostrophe to each underlined possessive noun.

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