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These two properties are shared by only one other noun-incorporating affix, namely (-nnguq-) "to become", which, while clearly in the same semantic realm, is not purely formal, but adds inchoative meaning. 1 Simple nominal modifiers preserve the morphosyntactic properties of the stem to which they are attached. For example, the intransitive stem (arnaq-) means "woman", whereas the transitive stern means "mother". Thus arnannguaq "dear woman" (amaq-nnguaq= 0) "woman-little/dear=ABS/s" and arnannguara "my dear mother" (amaq-nnguaq=ga) "motherlittle/dear=ABS/ls/s".

9 With transitive verbs, the subject of the subordinate proposition appears, an allative complement. if at all, as 55 54 (1) (2) 9. Syntax and Semantics oflnflection. pisiarai. " Piitap atuakkat (ilinniartitsisumut) pisiarisorai. __ (NPl[ALL]) V-surE- Certain categories of inflection count as independent elements of meaning with determinable semantic scope. In some cases, the categories of inflection also play the same sorts of roles in syntax that various phrase types do. On the other hand, there are inflections, or uses of inflections, that are purely morphological, having neither semantic content nor counting as syntactic constituents.

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