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By Terry Lynn Todd

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R/ ,L<( =U: = @/ /I B C' # S0A ,LD( =UR = @/ / B C ! " "A ,*)( =4: 9F:= @44IVF IVFIB CY0 ! 3 Back Rounded Vowel Phonemes The tense vowel /u/ <û> is relatively infrequent in unstressed position and the lax central vowel /R/ is relatively infrequent in stressed position. Nevertheless, they do contrast in stressed and unstressed positions. /u/ <û> vs. # $%#A ,*L( =;97R= @##P B C3 $! "A @G G "I "IGB C 9 :G= ,*M( =GR9":G= /A The following examples contrast the phonemes /u/ <û>, /R/ , and /o/ .

A & Syllables that begin with a consonant cluster are not frequent, but certainly do occur. a The phonemes that can occur second in an initial cluster are predominantly liquids and semivowels and they are preceded by voiceless stops. " ! A /A & ` & Less common is a fricative followed by a liquid or a semivowel. a Comment from the editor of the electronic version (2008): Following Paul (1998a:§20), I would suggest a different interpretation of the initial consonant clusters and consider them to contain the latent vowels /:/ or /R/.

At other times the number ‘one’ acts as an indefinite article with no accompanying suffix (cf. MannHadank, 1932:71). 51. ’ 52. ’ 53. ’ Hadank (1932:66) records /-en/ <-ên> for the indefinite suffix in Siverek and /-e/ <-ê> in Zaza of Kor. 2). This morphophonemic pattern accounts for the allomorphy of /-e/ <-ê> word-finally and /-en/ <-ên> before ezafe. The fact that the indefinite suffix is now /-e/ <-ê> word-finally probably explains the loss of the definite suffix /-e/ <-ê> Hadank (1932:65) recorded (cf.

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