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By Jon D. Patrick & Ilari Zubiri Ibarrondo

This publication is a realistic guide of the grammar of the basque language. it really is aimed toward the 1st 3 years of a school basque language curriculum. The e-book is outfitted at the huge subject different types outlined by way of HABE as very important for the 1st four degrees of basque language competence. The authors' event of attending sessions on the better degrees of 5-12 were drawn directly to ensure the remainder commonest language beneficial properties pupil could be uncovered to on the street, from tv programmes, newspapers and radio. Competency in all of the contents of the e-book might be certain a pupil was once on the uppermost finish of the size of second language speaker competency. a distinct characteristic of the textual content is its explanatory variety. each one subject is mentioned after which a sequence of sentence examples in basque are awarded in addition to their english translation. In overall there are approximately 2300 instance pairs of sentences within the ebook. Importantly each one instance is used to target a selected element of the language. to assist the scholar specific notes are further to English translations to provide an explanation for version within the translation from the literal shape. The ebook additionally features a set of Appendices of the auxiliary verb pardigms in a clearest structure but released. additionally it incorporates a set of Appendices of the commonest types of compound and artificial verbs. Chapters: 1. PHONETICS - FONETIKA. 2. creation TO MORPHOLOGY - MORFOLOGIARI SARRERA. three. DECLENSION - DEKLINABIDEA. four. MORPHOLOGY - MORFOLOGIA. five. THE VERB - ADITZA. 6. SYNTAX - SINTAXIS. 7. NOTIONS / components - NOZIOAK

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2. TOPIC While the focus of the sentence is placed in front of the verb the other elements may be placed at the beginning or end of the sentence. The element placed at the beginning is the topic of the sentence. For example: HORI, gure kotxe berria da : As for that, it's our new caro To remove the topicalisation of hori it would have to be placed at the end of the sentence. Gure kotxe berria da hori : That is our new caro In a simple sentence when an element is both in the position of topic and focus, it is the topic of the sentence otherwise it would be moved to the end of the sentence.

9. 1. CA RDINALS - Kardinalak Cardinal numerals are what we usually eall numbers. Here are some examples: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. BAT BI HIRU LAU BOST etxe BAT: one house katu BI I BI katu: two eats HIRU etxe handi: three big houses LAU lagun: four friends BOST urte: five years As shown, they aren ' t all plaeed in the same order. Here is a template with some more examples: BI all other numbers gargardo BAT leiho txiki BI BI neska gazte HIRU kafe bero noun + adjective : : : : BAT BI one beer two small windows two young girls three hot eoffees In the examples we have used so far there are no articles, but you ean use articles with nu mbers.

To gatfter hauts dust aukera option. occasion hautsi to break aukeratu to chose. to pick hazi to grow / to breed / to cultivate / seed auzi justice hazka egin to scratch oneseif auzo neighborhood. suburb hazkura spiciness azaro November hedatu to extend aztarna rake. track. trail hegal wing. border bahitu to kidnap hegan flying behar necessity hegaz flying behatu observe. watch hegazkin aerop lane m oa " l Phonetics behatz toe hegazti bird behe underneath, lower hego south, wing behi cow hein measurement behiala in the past heldu to arrive, to grab behin once hemen here behintzat at least hemeretzi nineteen behor mare herabe timidness, shyness berehala soon, quickly herabeti timid, shy berrehun two hundred herdoil mange, rust bihar tomorrow herdoildu to go rusty biharamun on the next day heren a third bihotz heart herenegun the day before yesterday bihurri twisted, rebel herio the death bihurtu to convert, to twist heriotza death bizpahiru two or three horrela like that, in that way bostehun five hundred deiadar scream herren lame, crippled dohain gratuitously herri town ehiza hunting hertsi to close ehortzi tofind out hesi enclosure, fence ehun one hundred I material llots heste intestine erbeste abroad heze humid eri sick hezi to tame, to educate ertzain policeman hezur bone estu narrow, close horrela like that, in that way gehiago more huts emptylpurelzero gehiegi too much xahu clean haatik and yet xehe simple, diminutive habe column, cross, beam xehetu destroylshred habia nest zahagi wineskin hagin tooth, yew zahar old 9 A Studellt G rammar of Euskara hagitz very zahartu lo age hain so(superJalive)/ so m uch zahato smalJ wineskin hainbat so l/1uch, so man)' zehar Ihrough, across hainbeste so lIluch, so many zeharkatu lo cross haitz rock, slone zeharo complelely haize wind zehatz exacl, precise, strict hala Ihat wu)', like Ihal zehaztu to define, lo specify halaber in Ihe same wa)' zuhaitz tree 1 .

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