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By Robert A. Chametzky

This piece of concept building in the executive & Binding (GB) method of syntax specializes in the bottom part and at the nature of word markers. famous structural evidence approximately C-command, coordinate buildings, adjuncts, and Islands are easily assumed, and a theoretical reason behind those structural evidence is constructed. The emphasis is on setting apart theoretical primitives and deducing implications of those primitives in the course of the articulation of an appropriate theoretical structure. virtually solely, issues of coherence, simplicity, and association are used to give an explanation for structural evidence. constitution is the direct goal of idea building, instead of being derived from different issues.

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Such a relation is expectable within MPST-based syntax because not all possible relations hold among nodes in a dominance relation, and so some further way of picking out possible relata is required. Although the set picked out by (1) is not the only < previous page page_31 If you like this book, buy it! next page > < previous page page_32 next page > Page 32 possible such set of non-dominance-related nodes, we have argued that ituniquelynonarbitrarily factors a PM while respecting the existence of hierarchical structure.

14´) Project Alpha: an instantiated node labelled X is dominated by an uninterrupted sequence of X labelled nodes. (17´) Minimal Projection: X = Xo iff X immediately dominates nothing. " And (1990: 46) that "an structure is projected from the lexical items" I take these quotes from Speas to mean the following. X-Bar theory has been, at least in part. a theory of what labels could be on nodes in a mother-daughter configuration. , depending on whether the labels on a mother and its daughter(s) are admitted by a condition).

In any event, lexical items do not constitute syntactic nodes distinct from those they instantiate. This will be of some significance to the argument against precedence in Section 2. This concludes the exposition of the standard formalization. < previous page page_5 If you like this book, buy it! 0 In this section, we turn to some alternatives to the standard approach to PMs that have been suggested in the literature. The compass here is fairly narrow, as I only consider alternatives that share basic assumptions about PMs; thus, I do not discuss, for example, Lasnik & Kupin (1977).

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