Adjectives: Formal Analyses in Syntax and Semantics by Patricia Cabredo Hofherr, Ora Matushansky PDF

By Patricia Cabredo Hofherr, Ora Matushansky

Adjectives are relatively much less good studied than the lexical different types of nouns and verbs. the current quantity brings jointly stories within the syntax and semantics of adjectives. 4 of the contributions examine the syntax of adjectives in numerous languages (English, French, Mandarin chinese language, glossy Hebrew, Russian, Spanish, and Serbocroatian). The theoretical matters explored contain: the syntax of attributive and predicative adjectives, the syntax of nominalized adjectives and the id of adjectives as a special lexical classification in Mandarin chinese language. one other 4 contributions study diversified points within the semantics of adjectives in English, French, and Spanish, facing superlatives, comparatives, and element in adjectives. This quantity might be of curiosity to researchers and scholars in syntax, formal semantics, and language typology.

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The phrasal projection of short-form adjectives is a small clause whose nominative subject is assigned the stem’s external theta role; the subject then raises to the spec-position of the copula projection with which the short-form small clause obligatorily merges. The paper provides detailed evidence that the proposed small-clause and s(econdary)-predicate structures account for the syntactic distribution and meaning of short and long form adjective phrases. The main analytical challenge is posed by examples with a copula, where both long- and short-form adjectives can appear.

If true, the fact that long adjectives cannot be coordinated could be due to their not being full phrases. A view of adjectival agreement presented in the next section will be able to predict and explain the above observations about noncoordinating long adjectives. â•… Agreement of attributive adjectives and (double) agreement inflections In this section I discuss the source of the long (pronominal) marker. I will show how the structures in (7a) and (7b) can be used in a conceptually attractive way to explain the morphological difference between the short (nominal) and the long (pronominal) inflection, as well as the puzzle of seemingly double agreement of long adjectives.

M) wall ‘a high, (and) thick wall’ b. e. ‘the thick one among high walls’, or with comma intonation and no hierarchy at all11). In (20), the orders (a) and (b) are equally acceptable and do not contrast in any way. Modification by long multiple adjectives shows all properties of stacked adjectives, while short multiple adjectives behave as asyndetically coordinated adjectives. It is now important to correlate the following two observations about long adjectives: First, long adjectives have independently been shown to occupy the Spec positions of distinct functional heads; second, it is precisely these adjectives that show ordering restrictions – a major reason according to Scott, not to consider such adjectives as adjuncts.

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