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By Anna Bondaruk, Gréte Dalmi, Alexander Grosu

The contributions during this quantity are dedicated to quite a few points of the inner and exterior syntax of DPs in a wide selection of languages belonging to the Slavic, Turkic, Finno-Ugric, Semitic and Germanic language households. particularly, the papers handle questions with regards to the interior and exterior cartography of assorted varieties of simplex and complicated DPs: the location of DPs inside of greater constructions, contract in phi-features and/or case among DPs and their predicates, in addition to among sub-elements of DPs, and/or the project of case to DPs in particular configurations. the 1st 4 chapters of the publication concentration totally on the exterior syntax of DPs, and the rest chapters care for their inner syntax.

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E. to assign feature values) once . Representative publications that deal with the SD include: Neidle (1988), Franks (1990, 1995), Greenberg & Franks (1991), Babby (1998, 2009), Moore & Perlmutter (2000), ­Sigurðsson (2002), Madariaga (2006), and Landau (2008). 1). The overgeneration problem and the case of semipredicatives in Russian  the relevant functional category probe has been introduced, even if the relation is not especially local. This may involve postponing determination of feature values until the mapping to PF.

For Babby, route A is VB, which is a matter of whether or not there is PROdat in [Spec, InfP]. This would have to be sometimes optional, sometimes impossible, and sometimes obligatory. While unclear how to implement, one idea is that the VB route should in general be taken if available, but that whenever both routes are viable there are two competing structures, as suggested above for (35). Similarly, for MTC approaches, movement would have to be sometimes optional, sometimes impossible, and sometimes obligatory.

Partee (eds), 217–240. Amherst MA: GLSA. Trugman, Helen. 2007. Possessives within and beyond NPs. In Annual Workshop on Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics, Richard Compton, Magdalena Goledzinowska & Ulyana Savchenko (eds), 437–457. Ann Arbor MI: Michigan Slavic Publications. Trugman, Helen. 2008. Move versus Merge: DP-Internal Modifiers. In Elements of Slavic and Germanic Grammars: A Comparative View, Jacek Witkoś & Gisbert Fanselow (eds), 209–235. Frankfurt: Peter Lang. van de Velde, Freek.

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