Ain’thology: the History and Life of a Taboo Word by Patricia Donaher, Seth Katz PDF

By Patricia Donaher, Seth Katz

The observe ain't is utilized by audio system of all dialects and sociolects of English. still, language critics view ain't as marking audio system as "lazy" or "stupid"; and the expert think ain't is on its deathbed, used merely in cliches. all people has an opinion approximately ain't. Even the grammar-checker in Microsoft observe flags each ain't with a pink underscore. yet why? over the last a hundred years, just a couple of articles and sections of books have reviewed the background of ain't or mentioned it in dialect contexts. this primary book-length assortment particularly devoted to this shibboleth offers a multifaceted research of ain't within the background and grammar of English; in English speech, writing, tv, comics and different media; and with regards to the minds, attitudes, and utilization of audio system and writers of English from more than a few areas, ethnicities, social sessions, and dialect groups. so much articles within the assortment are available for the typical knowledgeable speaker, whereas others are directed basically at experts in linguistic study-but with worthy factors and footnotes to make those articles extra approachable for the layperson. This number of articles on ain't hence offers a extensive viewers with a wealthy realizing and appreciation of the heritage and lifetime of this taboo notice.

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That is, of 37 general grammar/writing/language and 28 business-writing sites Schaffer examines, fewer than half (49%) include any mention or even use of ain't, while only 9% offer true discussions of the word (more descriptive, or at least historically and socially sensitive, than prescriptive). Furthermore, a comparison review of a small sample of recent print mass-market grammar guides also produces few mentions of ain't (in three of eight books examined). This lack of attention seems to suggest that many grammar pundits assume that everyone knows that the word is proscribed, although it is also possible that many people simply have no problem with ain't nowadays, in any case.

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