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By Henry E. Dudeney

In issuing this quantity of my Mathematical Puzzles, of which a few have seemed in periodicals and others are given right here for the 1st time, i need to recognize the encouragement that i've got obtained from many unknown correspondents, at domestic and out of the country, who've expressed a wish to have the issues in a accrued shape, with the various suggestions given at larger size than is feasible in magazines and newspapers. even though i've got integrated a couple of previous puzzles that experience the realm for generations, the place I felt that there has been whatever new to be stated approximately them, the issues are broadly speaking unique. it really is actual that a few of these became well known in the course of the press, and it's attainable that the reader could be completely happy to understand their source.
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Trivet, tributary, triptych, trident, triad 14 5 2 3 9 8 4 11 5 14 19 13 6 ? 20 27 What number should replace the question mark? 15 5862 is to 714 and 3498 is to 1113 and 9516 is to 156 therefore 8257 is to ? 39 40 Ultimate IQ Tests 16 Which is the missing tile? A B C D E F 17 mohair is to wool as shantung is to: silk, cotton, linen, nylon, fabric 18 Place the numbers 1–6 into the circles, one number per circle, so that: the sum of the numbers 4 and 1, and all the numbers between them total 12; the sum of the numbers 4 and 6, and all the numbers between them total 21; the sum of the numbers 2 and 1, and all the numbers between them total 8.

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