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A quick background of old Astrology explores the speculation and perform of astrology from Babylon to old Greece and Rome and its cultural and political effect on old societies.Discusses the union among early astrology and astronomy, unlike the fashionable dichotomy among technology and superstition.Explains the traditional knowing of the zodiac and its twelve indicators, the seven planets, and the fastened circle of 'places' opposed to which the symptoms and planets revolve.Demonstrates tips to build and interpret a horoscope within the historical demeanour, utilizing unique historical horoscopes and handbooks.Considers the relevance of historical astrology this present day.

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Accordingly one can make verifiably true statements about them. Thus, if today I say that Venus is in Taurus I am making a claim which you can verify by observation or by reference to an ephemeris or to a table of planetary motions. My claim is true if and only if Venus actually is in Taurus; otherwise it is false. The two little words ‘‘is in’’ carry a good deal of freight, but fortunately you and I agree about their intent (or we would not be having this conversation). We agree that we are talking about the current position (‘‘in Taurus’’) of a certain point source of light (Venus).

In Hipparchus’ day only the Babylonian arithmetical schemes and observational records could furnish the required precision. ’’8 The indebtedness of the high Greek tradition to Babylonian astronomy has been known for over a century. Much more recent is the discovery, thanks mostly to the work of Alexander Jones (1991, 1999a, 1999b), that a rich repertoire of Babylonian predictive astronomy entered Egypt in the Hellenistic age and was cultivated there independently of any high tradition. The primary function of this Greco-Egyptian mathematical astronomy, as we shall see more clearly in the next chapter, was to service genethlialogical astrology, for horoscopes appear in the record at roughly the same time.

I have selected a relatively early specimen from Neugebauer and Van Hoesen’s collection (hereafter N&VH), No. 7 In its simple presentation of the data No. 8 However, it does have one unusual feature. After presenting the astronomical data, it issues a warning: ‘‘There are dangers. ’’ We shall return to advice and predictions for the future in a later chapter. They are part – the most important part from a client’s point of view – of the meaning and significance imputed to horoscopal data. Below is the rest of our horoscope (trans.

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